Click on page icon to navigate Rose Rosette Disease Chapter 1: Living With Rose Rosette Chapter 2: Recognizing Rose Rosette Chapter 3  Rosa Multiflora and Rose Rosette Table of Contents Chapter 4  Treating an Infected Garden  Chapter 7  Rose Rosette as Weed Control Chapter 9  Rose Rosette may not be Native Chapter 10  Rose Rosette and Commerce What are the symptoms? Is Multiflora rootstock bad? Are there resistant roses?  How long does it take to show symptoms? What is the method of Transport? What is rose rosette disease? Are there false alarms? How do you treat an infected garden? Can a plant be saved? Can I  reuse the soil? How do I sight symptoms in my area? Who will  be hurt by RRD? What lessons have we learned? Will RRD wipe out my garden ? To whom do I report RRD? Chapter 8 The Iowa State Field Tests Chapter 13  Frequently Asked Questions: Chapter 11a  Rose Rosette Pictures  A Rogued Gallery Bibiliography Glossary and other aids Chapter 12 Avoidance of Rose Rosette in a Garden Does it just infect Multiflora? Are there lab tests to diagnose RRD? Chapter 5  Rose Rosette Garden Stories Chapter 6  The History of Rose Rosette Must I give up my roses? What roses are at greatest risk? Why do you say its a pathogen? Are there alternate hosts? Chapter 11b  More Rose Rosette Pictures Chapter 14  Similar Plant Diseases Chapter 15  Rose Rosette and Public Gardens Rose Rosette Disease Chapter 13  Frequently Asked Questions: