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To whom do I report RRD?

If you find RRD on a rose, please report it to us by e-mail at: abpeck@ with the name of the rose, the county and state and how it was diagnosed. Use as the subject "RRD Report".  We are helping update databases as well as accumulating one of our own.  If it's the first time you have heard of it in your area, you should tell your county agent about it.  I don't know if he will care or not, but at least he will know about it in the event someone else asks him. If your county has an active group of Master Gardeners who work with the Extension service, let them know about it.  Let other rosarians in your area know, including your local rose society, so they can be on the lookout.

If you see RRD on a plant (or more likely plants) in commerce, the plant inspector for your county who works for your state government is the person to deal with the nursery or seller.  If the plant inspector is unfamiliar with RRD, the link below will serve to introduce it.  Just tell him or her to go to the links on the Horticultural Inspectors society (HIS) southeastern section website (below).  There are some other really interesting things about plant diseases on this site, as well.