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Can I  reuse the soil?                                         

Yes, the infection does not remain in your soil. There is, however, one concern. Roses are tenacious. We have seen plants of infected ‘Dr. Huey’ that haven’t died from RRD, but have survived at least three years.  Even after roguing out, small parts of root left in the ground sprout and reintroduce infection (fig.1) so make sure you get all of it.  You might want to give it a few months, or even a year, to make sure all the roots are out or dead - especially if it was a big established plant.

Fig. 1 Root segment of Dr. Huey puting out new
RRD infected growth.

Fig. 2 A root of 'Seven Sisters' a few months after the bush was removed.  Note the multiple, contorted stems with irregular foliage that grew from one area on the root. The reddish purple color of this stood out in the yard or we would just have mowed it down.

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