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Are there resistant roses?                                     

As far as we know the only resistant rose may be  the native species rose,  Rosa setigera (Zary 1994).  

We have seen R. setigera in Knox County TN appear uninfected by RRD although it was growing in a RRD-sick R. multiflora.  We have, however, had a detailed report of R. setigera in a private garden near Chicago with RRD.  

Some ornamental roses are more resistant than others, but I don’t know of any ornamental roses that are proven to be  immune. Amrine & Hindal reported that plants of ‘Cara Mia’ and ‘Bridal Pink’ were inoculated with RRD and survived, but they all died shortly after the publication date (pers com Amrine). Some early articles in American Rose gave the impression that HT’s are more resistant than other roses. That has not been our experience. If anything, we have experienced the opposite. A private garden in Campbell Co. TN suffered major RRD loses (half of her roses) and 90% were HT’s. A rose gardener in Arkansas has lost 60% of her hybrid teas.

Some work has been done to determine which cultivars are more at risk.  Some field tests may have been poorly designed, as the plants' growth habit and size as well as the chosen cultural practices have more effect than choice of cultivar.  See the FAQ "What roses are at greatest risk?" and Chapter 8 - The Iowa State Field Tests,  for more information.                                  

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